Mister Trash (Commercial) 12 ounces (EACH)


● Size: 12 ounces
● SKU: MT121751
● Designed for: 6-yard to 8-yard commercial dumpsters

Estimated delivery on May 24, 2024


Does overflowing commercial waste leave you feeling like you’re constantly battling a trash tsunami? Introducing Mister Trash – Commercial, the powerful solution designed to conquer even the biggest bins.
This single Mister Trash unit, containing 12 ounces of concentrated formula, tackles waste in 6-yard to 8-yard commercial dumpsters.
Here’s why Mister Trash – Commercial is your secret weapon against overflowing odors:
● Powerful Odor Control
● Long-Lasting Freshness
● Easy to Use
Don’t let overflowing trash and unpleasant odors take control of your business. Order your Mister Trash – Commercial today!


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